Open Carry Rally at the Texas Cap Building Today

Have had at least 2 of my volunteers this morning mention that they saw folks with AR-15s on their backs walking over to the cap building for a rally…


Open-Carry Activists Are Storming the Texas Capitol with Homemade Guns
January 13, 2015 / By Allie Conti / Staff Writer … e-guns-113

High Noon 01.13.15
Open Carry Crowd Makes ‘Ghost Guns’ For Texas Lawmakers
To celebrate three proposed open carry bills, a fringe group convened at the Texas capitol with a 3-D machine that can make assault rifles. … akers.html

Gun Rights Advocates to Build Weapons at Capitol
by Morgan Smith / Jan. 6, 2015 … s-capitol/

Gun Rights Group Plans Protest At Capitol
Posted Tuesday, January 13th 2015 @ 5am by iHeartRadio’s Cliff SaundersThe Texas Legislature opens up for business this morning. One of the issues they will deal with is open carry. And it’s an issue that will literally be brought to their doorstep today.

The gun rights group Come And Take It Texas will bring a 3D printer called the ‘Ghost Gunner’ to the steps of the Capitol and manufacture the lower receiver of an AR-15. Group President Murdoch Pizgatti told KTRH why they’re doing it.

“It’s about asserting your rights. These are rights that we have that they are trying to turn into privilege by giving us licenses and fees to pay,” Pizgatti said.

His group wants a ‘Constitutional’ open carry bill. CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas told KTRH he disagrees with their tactics.

“I don’t understand the purpose of it and what it does to fulfill what we’re trying to get passed in the legislature this session,” Grisham said.

But Pizgatti disagrees and says they aren’t trying to pick a fight.

“I don’t understand how it would be confrontational. We’re just exercising our rights, doing things that are legal. Just like how we’ve been open carrying our rifles for the last two years,” Pizgatti explained.

Pizgatti’s group expects to have a thousand people at his rally today. Grisham’s group will hold a rally later this month carrying empty holsters instead of weapons.

Read more: … t-13143175

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Hopkins’ Eight-Day Suspension From APD Overturned: Hopkins wins backpay, and the suspension will be removed from his record


Hopkins’ Eight-Day Suspension From APD Overturned

Hopkins wins backpay, and the suspension will be removed from his record

By Chase Hoffberger, Fri., Jan. 2, 2015

Photo of Jermaine Hopkins by John Anderson

Former Austin Police Department officer and recent Chronicle cover subject Jermaine Hopkins‘ favorable run of appeals and rulings continues. On Saturday, the recently terminated officer learned that a hearing examiner overturned the eight-day suspension he received from APD in Nov. 2013. His indefinite suspension, issued Oct. 30, 2014, currently stands.

Hopkins originally received the eight-day suspension in the wake of his May 2013 arrests of Jason Roche, Melynda Trevino, and Vanessa Price. A review was conducted on the officer’s handling of the arrest shortly after his chain of command read the arrest affidavit. After questioning, Hopkins was sustained on two violations: Responsibility to Know and Comply, and Neglect of Duty.

Hopkins’ attorney Nadia Stewart countered by noting that the city’s accusations against Hopkins have been “procedurally deficient” from the beginning. In hearing examiner Michael B. McReynolds‘ words, the suspension notice “does not contain allegations of specific acts of misconduct specifying how [Hopkins] violated any civil service rules.” To that effect, said Stewart, Hopkins’ chain of command proved inconsistent in their expectations of him. A Performance Improvement Plan levied against the officer required that he “fully investigate all potential crimes,” she said, yet part of the allegations imposed upon him found fault in his decision to arrest (and not ignore) Roche for furnishing alcohol to a minor.


Hopkins’ Eight-Day Suspension From APD Overturned: Hopkins wins backpay, and the suspension will be removed from his record – News – The Austin Chronicle.

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Austin detective sues city over sexual harassment, retaliation claims

Austin detective sues city over sexual harassment, retaliation claims


By Ciara O’Rourke – American-Statesman Staff

Austin detective sues city over sexual harassment, retaliation... |

An Austin police detective is suing the city because she says police officials retaliated against her after she complained about sexual harassment while working in a unit that investigated human trafficking.

Detective Brenda Bermudez alleges in a lawsuit filed in Travis County district court Monday that some male detectives in the unit, who are not named in the suit, would complain when she prevented what the lawsuit called “unnecessary encounters” between them and nude female victims or suspects during undercover operations.



Austin detective sues city over sexual harassment, retaliation… |

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